Cozy Pumpkins

My participation to the Cozy Fall Jam 2022 

Play as a small raccoon who grows and sells pumpkins to monkeys.


WASD or Directional keys for move.
Right mouse click to pick up, place and sell the pumpkins.
Left mouse click to modify a pumpkin when it is on the workbench


You must select and trim the pumpkins according to the requests.
You earn points and time based on your compliance with customer instructions.
But don't panic, there is no way to lose, if your time gauge runs out, your score will return to 0 and your time gauge will be refilled.
You can take advantage of this to stock up on different sizes of pumpkins to be ready to fill your orders as soon as possible.


The music of the game was composed by Angelo Stanca. Go listen to his creations on his Soundcloud page!
The graphics were made by me and modified from royalty free assets

Have fun! And thanks for taking the time to play my game!


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Just wanted to let you know I picked your game as one of my favorites!